dinsdag 12 mei 2009

gibson hair

1. Brush hair free of tangles and straight down all around head especially in front. It is important to have enough hair combed down on your forehead that when you pull it up and over the rats, they won’t show.

2. Place hair rats on head firmly. I snapped the ends together and put it on like a hat. You want to pull it down a little further than you think it needs to be, because the next step will cause it to pull up slightly.

3. Divide the head mentally into four parts. Bring front right hair up gently so as not to disturb the rat. Twist slightly and pin with bobby pins in the middle of the head, where the bun will be situated. Spread hair out slightly with fingers to cover rat. Next bring up left front hair and then right back hair. Pull the tails out of the way while you pin up the last section of hair from the left back..
4. Twist all the tails together and then around your finger to form the bun. Pin with hair pins securely.

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