woensdag 8 juli 2009

regency dress 1810

At the moment i cant find the time to sew a than i search on the internet for inspiration. I found this beatifull regency dress. You can really have a good look how the dress closes at the back. That i love the most!!!..make costumes like the old ones!! i love the internet!!..because you can find really great photo's from atiques.

The dress is fashioned from ivory silk shantung brocaded with small Neo-classical motifs of metallic silver. The front neckline is bordered with matching metallic trim.

Judging from the construction of the dress, I believe it was made in America from imported fabric for a young lady of means (one of the Lincoln descendents). Metallic textiles, very expensive at the time, were found in the wardrobes of wealthy people
The dress is completely hand stitched and has a linen under bodice in back. The fullness of the bodice and sleeves is adjustable with drawstring ties. The dress closes in back at the neckline with ties and at the empire waist with a hook.

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Charleybrown zei

Hi! I just discovered your blog but can't find where to contact you. I just want to say that I love what I've seen and I'll be back to look some more! (and dream about such lovely dresses!)

And hopefully figure out how to translate!