zaterdag 22 augustus 2009

lilly Daché

Lilly Daché was a Milliner ( a hat maker that not only sell and design hats but also dresses and hat trims etc) and a fashion designer.

She was born in France (1904) and moved to the United States, there she workt at a milleners shop at Macy's in New York (with Suzanna Talbot and Caroline Reboux). Later she workt at The Bonnet Shop in New York, saving enough money to purchase the shop from owner, she was 25. In 1928 she built ..Lilly Daché New York.

At the time hats were more important than dresses ( a dress was expencive, so you could better buy a hat, and change the hat for the occasion) She became a top milliner!!..making cloche hats, snoods, caps, draped turbans. Becoming verry famous!!. Designing hats for hollywood movies.

She was a verry busy women. In 1937 she added accessories, fragrances and dress to her shop. In 1946 her own clohing line. In 1949 stockings, cosmetics and coats. In 1950 she made an collection of hats that were ready to wear.

Great heights of chic and absurdity were achieved by the milliners of the day: tiny doll's hats perched over one eye, two-tone "Persian" turbans stuck with jewelled daggers, pom-poms of mink or marabout; Daché's hats were amongst the most outrageous of all. (

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