vrijdag 16 oktober 2009

fan exhibition at Palace het Loo

Fans were until the mid from the 19th century an important part of the court etiquette. Specially at a ball, State banquets and ceremonial occasions. The royal fans collection are from 1720 until 1937, most fans belonged to Queen Emma and Queen Wilhelmina. One of the precious fan was ordered in Paris (firm Mellerio 1888), a part of a set jewellery, with rubies and diamonds. A gift from King WillemIII to Queen Emma.
Fans were the best gift like the one Queen Wilhelmina got from Paris city.

At the exhibition you can see a lot folding fans, painted by Dutch and French painters, also painted by members of the Royal house to. The frames are made from ivory, mother-of-pearl, turtle, gold and gemstones.
Queen Emma's preference were the once made from lace. About 1900 feathers fans were verry fashionable. Spectacular one's from Queen Emma and Queen Wilhelmina you can also see!!!!.

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