dinsdag 15 december 2009


of ivory silk taffeta, with narrow sleeves set well into the back of the coat, fine pleating below the back bodice panel, the edges and back panel embroidere 1795

The Pelisse can be a confusing term because there were several forms over a 50 year period. The first form of pelisse worn from 1800 to 1810 was an empire line coat like garment to the hip or knee.

After 1810 it was worn full length and was a warmer longer sleeved coat than the Spencer, but often made of the same materials. A LOT OF INFORMATION !!!..look at

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Anna zei

Ook die van chanel!
Ik ben vergeten wanneer dat het jane austen feest was? of komt dat nog?
heb je je jurk af?
kijk je ook naar de serie op ned. 2little Dorrit? leuk hé?

Charleybrown zei

I love the embroidered trim on the pelisse. Gorgeous!