maandag 7 maart 2011

silk damast pelisse 1815

The coat was made from gold silk damask woven with a pattern of small dots. The bodice, long sleeves, and skirt back are lined with brown linen/cotton. The centerpiece of the design is the Hussar-style Brandenburg trim on the bodice.

The skirt fronts are lined with ivory silk. te collar, cuffs, and bodice front are decorated with braided trim. There are very faint indentations on the skirt fronts, indicating the coat originally had braided trim along the front opening.

The long slender sleeves are capped with elaborately ruched outher sleeves. The bodice and outer sleeve seams are outlined with corded piping. The bodice is high waisted. The skirt is slightly flared in front and full in back. The coat closes in front with concealed silk fabric loops and covered buttons.


2 opmerkingen:

Lady Renate zei

Heel mooi. Ik zou hem wel willen hebben. Dan zou ik het ook gewoon dragen. Heb je hier geen patroon van? :P

Charleybrown zei

Lovely coat!!