donderdag 14 april 2011

breeches 1750

Breeches: Breeches can be made of wool, linen or leather. Breaches of the 1770's had a "fall front" or a flap in the front, which buttons near the waistline, covered by the waistcoat. An earlier style was the "fly front", which buttoned up in the middle of the front and would have been hidden by the longer waistcoats of the 1750 - 60's. The legs end about one or two inches below the knee and close with five horn, wooden, or white metal buttons or four buttons and either a buckle or drawstring. Breeches should be well fitted, rather than tight in the legs and waist with an excess in the seat. Leather breeches were very popular in New Jersey; made of buckskin by the working classes for durability

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Ankith zei

Nice pictures, I want to make one for my little son.