woensdag 11 april 2012

belle epoch gown 1911

LUCILE SILK and METALLIC LACE BELLE EPOCH GOWN, Winter 1911. Trained royal purple charmeuse with short sleeve wrap bodice of gold metallic lace under purple net trimmed with gold fringe and silk flowers, draped hobble skirt with ruffled chiffon side panels heavily appliqued in metallic gold, open at front hem with tassel over chiffon insert, demi-train.

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Wow when you say vintage you mean it, this dress is stunning. I was just out shopping for a graduation dress for my daughter and some of the dresses we saw had a lot of vintage looks to them, my daughter simply loves the older looking dresses too, very feminine, and although she had her heart set on blue when she saw the purple ones that is the color she decided to go with. This dress you showcase here with the gold embellishments is particularly spectacular looking, great attention to detail, must be fun to wear. Great vintage clothing blog, enjoyed.