dinsdag 24 april 2012


Neckcloth 1800-1850, 40,6 cm link
Neckcloth 19th century, linnen, link
1840-1850, silk and paper, 68,6 cm, link
1830, silk and metal, link
1835, silk and metal
This is an elegant example of a stock, the standard neckwear for men in the early 19th century, to be worn over the high stand collar of the shirt. The styles of the 1830s were prescribed by fashionable dandies, such as Alfred Guillaume Gabriel, Count D'Orsay (1801-1852), a French emigrant who had relocated to England in 1829, and influenced artists and writers in wit and dress. The crisp and complete stock with a tailored bow was essential in fashionable formal dress. link

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