woensdag 18 februari 2009

my first project

Tonight i want to start sewing my first historical dress, im a little bit scared, why i dont know. Its not a difficult pattern to start with. Ofcorse i like the dresses with ribbons, layers, ect ect. But i could convince myself to begin simple. Like the one jane wears in the movie Becoming Jane
A little brooch would be nice. My fabric is not as delicate, i think silk it is, like Jane's one. But common cotton with stripes. Maybe i make the decollete lower, because ive got boops ....So show them baby!!!!!!..hihihi..

1 opmerking:

Sophie zei

woaw, i love that movie:)
&also all the clothing..i wish i was born back than:p
and i'm impressed that you make it youre self! keep up the good work;)