donderdag 12 februari 2009

regency corset patterns

This package includes patterns for a chemise, short stays, and two chemisettes. The chemise was modeled from original garments in several museum collections and features an adjustable drawstring neckline and gussets under the arms for a comfortable fit. The short stays lace in the front and were based upon extant stays in museum collections as well as period drawings of these transitional undergarments. The chemisettes were drawn from portraits of the time as well as Janet Arnold's excellent research in Patterns of Fashion I. Begin with the chemise next to the skin, then add your stays for the correct silhouette. To create a smooth line beneath your gowns, add a long petticoat over your stays, which you can easily make from the Regency Gown pattern above (omitting the sleeves). For daytime, put a chemisette over your undergarments, then don your gown. Voila'! A full Regency wardrobe!

This is the best-selling, highly desirably Mantua-Maker's Corset pattern for the true Regency silhouette. As the fashionable silhouette cannot be achieved if the bounce remains when the dancing stops!
The goal for the Regency corset was not to reduce the waist, but to push up the bust. Reviewers complained that the fashionable lady's bosom looked like a shelf aimed toward her chin.
Pattern also contains:Historical notesPeriod sewing techniquesA riding corset option

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