vrijdag 18 september 2009

bustle dress 1876-1880

The three piece outfit, made from sea foam green silk taffeta, consists of a fitted basque (a long close-fitting bodice), an under skirt, and an elaborately draped over skirt. The long trained skirt swished elegantly when the lady walked. Of course it was totally impractical, trailing on the ground in the dirt, but it made a dramatic statement.

The basque closes in front with thread-covered buttons, and they are all intact. The hem of the basque is bordered with ruched trim. The cuffs have pleated trim and fringed bows. The ruching, pleating, and bows are all repeated on the fabulous skirt. The collar and cuffs are trimmed with beige lace ruffles.

The bodice is lined with brown cotton twill. The long front darts are boned. The underskirt is lined with brown polished cotton. It has elastic bands in back on the inside in order to hold the puffs in the correct position. The elastic, which has lost most of its give, can be tightened. The overskirt is unlined. Both skirts close in back with hooks at the waist.

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