vrijdag 18 september 2009

bustle dress 1885

The delightful walking ensemble has three pieces: a fitted basque, an underskirt, and a draped over skirt. The ensemble is made from cream colored wool woven with satin stripes of royal blue and emerald green.

The dress is trimmed with bands, bows of emerald green satin, and matching green knotted silk fringe. The collar is also emerald green satin. The color is as fresh and pretty today as when the dress was new.

The basque is fitted closely to the body with princess line seams in back and long diagonal bust darts in front. The peplum is pointed in both the front and back. The polonaise style over skirt is pulled up with satin tabs

The bodice is lined with cream colored cotton sateen. It has inside tabs that close with hooks at the waist. The underskirt is lined with cream colored polished cotton and has a set-in pocket in one of the side seams.

The over skirt is lined with cream colored buckram that adds stiffening to the draped shape. The under skirt closes in front with hooks at the waist. The over skirt closes on the side with a hook at the waist.

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